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Short Contemplative Practice: Release The Cares of the World with Scripture

after workday - separate & release grow with scriptures & science & psychology
Letting Go of the  Cares of the World

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Last episode, I shared about the significance of a Separate & Release routine in order for us to let go of the day effectively and 'put the cares of the world to the side,' as our Christian faith encourages us to do.

As a follow up, today I invite you to schedule some time for yourself, a pause in your day, to experience a Separate and Release contemplative practice and spend time with God and with a bible verse, to do just that.

And instead of listening on the go, I encourage you to set aside 10-15 minutes in your calendar. This time is for you to connect with yourself and God, to separate from the cares of the world.

God ultimately is the living waters, the one who's regenerating us from inside out every moment of the day, and at the same time, we need to co-create with Him, as He cannot move our body - we are the ones who need to take action.

May you be blessed abundantly and may God answer your prayers know and unknown!

Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana


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