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Healthy Boundaries - a Different Perspective In Christ

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by Dr. Ioana Popa

Are you caught between the desire to extend help and love to all people and at the same time the need to establish Healthy Boundaries for yourself? There are many books and videos out there with lots of advice about healthy boundaries - about what to say (and not) and when.

We can implement them, but many times, as Christian women we feel guilty or prideful if we say no to someone or do not help out.

But when we then turn to many Christian books, the biggest mistake I've often seen is not realizing that even Christ had healthy boundaries!

And you might ask: 'Wait, is Christ, the true source of unconditional love which we try to emulate by giving, giving, giving, who touched the lepers, bleeding women, and healed on Sabbath, having boundaries'?

Yes! And there is a larger framework to understand healthy boundaries and some choice points we can make in our responses (which by the way, I will describe in next week's episode).

I teach all this in my upcoming new course, available to the Christian women in my group life coaching & community program, but I thought it could be helpful to share one exercise so that you also can get maximum benefit.

So today I will gift you with this simple daily practice from this course, to nourish your ability to stay grounded, which might come as a surprise, as it might seem totally unrelated to boundaries - but it is!

And as I share this, if you resonate with what I am teaching and the way I am serving you, I want to make an invitation for you to join our community of amazing Christian women (big discount inside of the video).

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