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How to Connect with Your True Self and Soul Part 4 - Practical Steps

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Connecting with my Soul/True Self Do I need 20 years of practice?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Connecting with our True Self, our Soul, our true inner home, can feel like a daunting task requiring years and years of practice. Nonetheless there is a common misunderstanding here: connecting with our Soul, our true self is actually a natural brain ability which we use all the time (unconciously), which is only one thought, emotion or body sensation away.

We can connect with our Soul, our True Self with ease - but the real task is actually to keep nurturing this sacred space on a daily basis - so we never forget who we truly are at the core of our being.

This nurturance feels liberating and can give way to true sense of regeneration, inner freedom and meaning to our existence.

The issue is not that we cannot connect with our soul and true self, but our current culture, with its busyness, myriad of possibilities and opportunities, pulls us into living only in our 3-Dimensional world, leading mostly from our thoughts, all day long. Of course thoughts are extremely helpful, but they are not the end of our inner experiences.

In many cultures, gone are the days when there were natural opportunities to pause and nurture our connection with our soul, true self and God.

The connection is easy - the nurturance takes intentionality.

This is why with my students - we practice not only how to connect with our soul, our True Self, but how to develop on a practical level, sustainable daily habits and rituals to nurture this connection, without having to allocate huge amount of time, change all our life commitments, go into the desert, or wait for retreats.

By the way, I am not against them - they can be great experiences, but when we come home to our usual existence, then what? How many times we go places, to only have these amazing experiences fade away and come back to our usual stress?

The alternative is to nurture our inborn ability to connection with our Soul , our True Self and God on a daily basis - beyond our thoughts, emotions or body sensations.

This can become easier and easier, and it allows for quick regenerating moments throughout our day-to day life.

In this video - I share a quick Contemplative Exercise on how to tap into your connection with your soul, your 'inner home' on a practical level, by becoming a bit less attached to your thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

Here is to your daily regeneration so that you can keep on giving for the betterment of humanity!

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