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Inner Parts Work and Spirituality

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Inner Parts Work and Spirituality

Interview with Dr. Tom Holmes - Psychologist, Author and International Trainer

Welcome to our Renewal Conversations, as part of our Team For The Soul® - Renewal Nuggets, an Oasis in the Midst of Action, bridging science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian faith.

This episode’s special guest is Dr. Tom Holmes, Psychologist, Author and International Trainer. He is well known in the Internal Family Systems world due to his many workshops, his 'Parts Work' book translated in many languages and for his integration of spirituality in the therapeutic process.

Having Professional GIVERS share from their expertise and life experience is paramount so that we can get the inspiration and extra support on our own renewal journey.

In our conversation, Dr. Tom shares about his journey and vocation as a giver, his wisdom and professional knowledge about the healing powers of integrating with the soul or True Self, along with the parts work model and how it helps with burnout prevention.

Dr. Tom also shares his own regeneration routine and how he finds his center on a daily basis, to be able to continue giving.

ABOUT Tom Holmes, PhD:
🍵 Author of 'Parts Work: An Illustrated Guide to Your Inner Life' (which has sold over 50,000 copies and been translated into several languages)
🍵 He has been teaching, training, and using Internal Family System therapy since 1980’s
🍵 Professor Emeritus at Western Michigan University (WMU)
🍵 He has been training graduate students in psychotherapy since 1985
🍵 Teaching in WMU's Holistic Health Program since 1996
🍵 He has two international programs (based in Germany and Jordan) where he is helping and training therapists in the IFS therapy and spirituality

If you want to learn more about Tom, you can check his website:

Parts Work: An Illustrated Guide to Your Inner Life by Tom Holmes

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