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The Soul and the Ultimate Freedom of Choice - is the Christian perspective valid?

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To Believe or not Believe?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Nonetheless this can lead to polarities - one person's word against another person's word, or 'my tradition against your tradition' and vice-versa.
As we all know, historically this lead to many disagreements, arguments and even wars.

One of the reasons behind this issue is that that psychologically, our mind is wired to do "mental shortcuts" and lives automatically on subconscious thoughts, or beliefs, which many times are left unexamined, especially in our fast-paced culture.
Nonetheless they operate in our mind as if they are the "truth", which many times is not the case, but we are not aware of.

Psychology calls them mindsets - and surprisingly (or not) our 'sets' in our 'mind' (the mindsets) are much more easily influenced subconsciously than we want to believe.

We are influenced heavily by the messages we receive 24/7 in our media, news, social media etc., but many times this is below our conscious 'radar', therefore our "belief" is that we don't change. But we are.

Psychological research is showing that our Mindsets are changeable. Even our memories are easily influenced by external factors!

So if our mindsets and beliefs can be influenced, how does then one know, from inside of their "inner universe" what is real or the truth?

I believe this is the real question for all of us as humanity to answer and the task at hand.

Early Christians were not only believers, but they were highly trained in philosophy - meaning, they are much more able to think through ideas and how do we really know something, thus going beyond the surface, to the underlying principles.

And, although they did not have access to the same scientific and psychological testings as we do today, they were much more advanced in the way our mind works and thinking through mindsets, and discarding irrelevant ones.

In this video - I just bring one small slice of this question on the table, as it pertains to the Soul - is it eternal or not?

And I invite us to re-shift our focus from the statement...
"My truth is better than your truth" ...
..."How do we really know? And if we don't know, then what?"

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