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How To Build Habits That Stick Part 1: Motivation or Effortless Will?

achieving highest potential sustaining wholesome habits
Is motivation overrated?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

How many times do we set goals or plan new habits, get excited initially, to only lose our energy a few weeks later, and go back to our default way of being, without feeling the energy that first got us excited?

As a Giver, maybe you try to keep your regeneration rhythm right after vacation and plan to sustain it, to only see it slowly disappear with the first big deadline at work?

In today’s culture, we think we need “motivation” in order to move from THOUGHT into ACTION - to build and sustain habits to routine. However, this belief might be overrated!

Watch this Renewal Nugget series to learn how you can better create and sustain habits in your life - especially if you are dedicated to living a life of giving and helping others.

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