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Longing to be ‘Mary’ in a world demanding of ‘Marthas’? Action and Contemplation for Christian Women

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Martha or Mary? What if you don’t have to choose

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Many Christian women I talk with find themselves caught in this dilemma: on one hand experiencing the longing to be more contemplative like Mary in the scriptures, who sits at the feet of Jesus, and on the other hand experiencing a constant pull toward action and movement, helping others all the time and worrying like Martha.

You might remember the story of Martha and Mary from Luke 10:38-42, and if this resonates with you, then this video is for you!

And how do I know this so well - just from others? Not only from my conversations in churches and from other Christian Women that come to me for help, but I've been there myself!

As Christian women, it's very common that we long to serve others and Christ by DOING, AND in the same time wanting to be more contemplative by BEING, like Mary.

And we try often. And it seems that it never sticks long enough.

Our modern busy world is filled with demands, opportunities and responsibilities that pull us into being more like Martha. We find ourselves busier than ever, constantly juggling professional work, compassionate service, family obligations, church commitments, community activities, kids practices etc.

And even when we try to pause and be like Mary - it does not stay long enough.

But what if we are called to be actually both Martha AND Mary - is there a way to do that, to be a woman of action while contemplative in daily connection with Christ?

There are many reasons why we end up in this dilemma, and today I will unpack several of them, especially from psychological research.

I will also teach the ONE mistake that tends to pull us back into the cycle of busyness despite our desire for contemplation, so you can catch it and FIX it today!

And at the END - I'll share our ONE 'God-given superpower' we all have access to, so that we can be Martha and Mary in the same time!

If you love this, share this channel with as many Christian Women you know that could benefit from this, as I am on a mission to support us together move toward higher consciousness and oneness with God, so we can serve others in Christ with joy, energy, enthusiasm and with the 'peace that surpasses all understanding.'


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