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Navigating Burnout, Giving, and Self-Care With Cynthia & Molly of Filled With Less

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Navigating Burnout, Giving, and Self-Care With Cynthia & Molly of Filled With Less

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Navigating the delicate balance of following God by giving and supporting others while avoiding burnout is a challenge that many Christian women face. It is almost like there is a hidden expectation that in order to follow Christ, we need to be everything to everyone.

In this Renewal Conversation, you will hear from Cynthia Damaskos and Molly Sabourin from Filled With Less on this exact topic!

We will hear from them about their ministry, their journey of giving, and their personal experiences with stress and burnout and how they navigate through them.

Together, we will explore the nuances of burnout, recognize its signs, understand root causes, and embrace practical self-care tools and mindsets for a more resilient faith journey.

And they also share about their Open House for their Program '6 Weeks to Sanity' and you will get a chance to sign up - look in this thread for their links ⏬

Do you want to know more about Cynthia and Molly?

Cynthia Damaskos:
☀️ Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management
☀️ Author of The Holistic Christian Woman
☀️ Host of the Holistic Christian Life Podcast

Molly Sabourin:
☀️ Author, podcaster and blogger for Ancient Faith Ministries for the past 15 years
☀️ In 2019, she embarked on a decluttering journey that changed her life and introduced her to the power of intentional living

⏩ Bubble of Calm -

⏩ Six Weeks to Sanity Course -

-To learn more about them, their membership, and other resources, check their website here:

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Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana

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