Thriving in Christ 


Nurturing Gratitude: Mindset Shift, Scriptures & Tips for Christian Women

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by Dr. Ioana Popa

You might have heard of the importance of cultivating Gratitude in our daily lives. But extending gratitude sometimes is confusing, especially if we are having negative emotions or experiences.

So how does this work beyond needing to repress our less-than-pleasant emotions and needing to strive our way into Gratitude?

How can one understand what Gratitude is from a Christian and scientific perspective, and is there a mindset that can be 'upgraded' in order to practice it daily?

In this episode, I unpack all these questions, share some Scripture verses, offer a new mindset and some practical tips on nurturing gratitude.

So, if you're ready, put on your earbuds, take a quick break and let's dive in, so that you can continue to serve others in Christ with joy, energy and peace. Click PLAY NOW.

Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana

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