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Central Step in Changing Habits & Overcoming Conformity: Science & Scripture

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Overcoming Conformity

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Many Christian women love to be servant leaders, give to others and nurture communities. At the same time, as they do this, they can get pulled into group dynamics such as 'conformity' and 'chameleon effect,' which dynamics, when they later try to take care of themselves and upgrade their habits, can pull them back into the old ways of being.

This can feel frustrating and it happens to many of us. There are many ways to change habits, but from my decades of trying to help people, I've selected only the strategies that are the easiest to implement, yielding the most results, while staying true to our Christian faith, along with science and psychology.

Most likely you are busy helping, leading, creating, supporting, managing, encouraging others, and if so, just like me, you want the quickest ways to upgrade your habits and do self-care, while you keep on giving to others like Christ.

So in this episode, I unpack one Central Step to take to your heart and implement daily in order to change & solidify your habits and break away from unhelpful conformity and follow Romans 12:2.

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Your sister in Christ,

Dr. Ioana

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