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The Transformative Power of Emotional Intelligence - 'To Feel or Not to Feel’ Part 8

emotional regulation renewal-on-the-go
4 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence

by Dr. Ioana Popa

For many people, the idea of being 'emotional' is often associated with weakness or negativity. Society often sends us the message that emotions are something to be repressed or ignored. But is it true?


Psychological Science brings a wealth of research and ways to think about Emotions and in this video, I will condense and go over some Nuggets:

  • a Meta view of Emotional Intelligence with its main 4 Branches (Pillars)
  • some interesting research on both ends - including a revolutionary way to prevent bullying in schools
  • the many layers on how emotions are extremely important not just for our own thriving, but supporting our communities

Our emotions are powerful energies that can help us navigate life's challenges, understand ourselves, build stronger relationships and connect with the zest for life.


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