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Daily Renewal Blueprint for Christian Women: Release the Cares of the World

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Letting go of the cares of the world

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As Christian professionals and servant leaders, it is common to have at the end of the day lingering worries, open mind loops, and unfinished inner conversations, 'running' in the background of our minds.

Many people do try to separate from them and unwind in the evening, but often partially or ineffectively.

Over time, 'unfinished business' accumulates and can lead to a sense of being on a 'treadmill of life,' to small and big addictions, a feeling of ineffective prayers, and possibly chronic stress and/or burnout unless it is properly separated at the end of each day.

In my own life, I missed a crucial step in my self-care: to separate from 'the cares of the world' effectively - which led to (surprise surprise) not just one burnout, but 2!

It is hopeful to know that there are steps to take to end the day and I am unpacking this in this short episode, so you don't have to wait any longer, but take some small steps today!

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Your sister in Christ,

Dr. Ioana

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