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How To Build Habits That Stick Part 2: Take deliberation out

achieving highest potential sustaining wholesome habits
To Deliberate or Not?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Do you feel like you've already tried multiple ways to keep yourself motivated to implement a habit or reach a goal? At some point, you might even have started to think that there is something wrong with you!

What if there's nothing wrong with you - but that the systems you've tried are not serving you well?

The life and rhythm of a Giver is different. As you try to serve others, instead of doing self-care methods which can eat big chunks of your day, and can make you feel more tired as you try to fit them into your busy life, there is a DIFFERENT WAY to create habits that can actually serve you - based on your schedule and life rhythm!

In Part 3 of this series, learn how to create an unconventional - but effective way to create/sustain habits, using Effortless Will

If you have not listened to the previous episodes about Building Habits That Stick, make sure you do right after this one.

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